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Albini installs a third BarcoVision loom monitoring system for new mill in Alexandria / Egypt

Italian shirting manufacturer, Cotonificio Albini S.p.A. has installed its third BarcoVision manufacturing execution system (MES) in its new plant in Egypt. This plant is part of a textile cluster set up in Borg el Arab, near Alexandria.

Just as in the 2 Italian plants of the group, the WeaveMaster system is connected to the rapier weaving machines and to the fabric inspection frames. WeaveMaster is connected through a VPN network to Albini’s ERP system, which will allow an Italy-based planning of the operation in Egypt.

At Albini, the weaving machines are equipped with an off-loom batching motion for the woven fabric. Grey fabric inspection is done at the weaving machine by an inspector patrolling in the weave room. Using a keyboard installed at the batching motion, detected defects are keyed in. The batching motion has an accumulator which allows a 100% on loom inspection.

Stop declarations are done through the keyboard of the weaving machines. The Leonardo looms are connected to WeaveMaster with bi-directional data interfaces using the VDI communication.

Albini already uses 2 BarcoVision systems, one in Albino near Bergamo and one in Mottola in the south of Italy. At the occasion of the installation in Egypt, all systems have been upgraded to the latest version of WeaveMaster.

An interactive link with the ERP system makes the WeaveMaster systems part of Albini’s integrated planning system which allows Albini to run an operation producing a multitude of complicated fabric styles.

BarcoVision is very pleased with this third system order. It confirms the excellent partnership between Albini and BarcoVision.

About BMS-BarcoVision
BMS, established in 2007 as a carve-out from the BARCO group, is a leading supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for discrete manufacturing, with focus on the textiles, plastics and pharmaceutical industry. Under the brand name, BarcoVision, BMS offers a wide range of systems aimed at productivity and quality improvement.
BMS is present at key locations around the world, either with own branch offices or through a world wide network of agents and service centers.

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