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Automatic on-loom fabric inspection

BMS’s automatic on-loom inspection system detects warp and filling defects by means of a moving camera system installed on the off-loom take up. An automatic fabric inspection system for each loom.

In case of a warp defect or a concentration of filling defects, the system stops the loom, lights a warning lamp in the loom’s light tree and informs the defect nature and location on the loom’s micro-processor display. The system holds the loom in the stopped position till the weaver has made the "defect corrected" declaration.

Cyclops avoids off quality fabric, in fact it stops your looms if the quality is not perfect. No need anymore for expensive and complicated automatic inspection systems or a manual inspection for greige fabrics. So, on top of a better fabric quality the logistics of your weaving mill gets simplified. Fabric can be sent directly to processing, no more inventory between weaving and inspection. Automated fabric inspection also avoids problems finishing the fabric. The fabric is simply of a better quality.

Close collaboration with weaving machine builders allowed Barco to install the Cyclops in the loom, right under the sand roller. This shortens the distance between fell and defect detection considerably, allowing to stop the weaving machine much earlier in case of a running defect.

Connected to BMS’s QualiMaster system, all defect information, pick stamped, is sent to a fabric quality data base. This allows to produce defect maps and various types of quality reports.

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Cyclops Principle of operation
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